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MBA Majest Fredericksburg

Majest Martial Arts offers programs that teaches our students leadership skills. Through our programs in Leadership Team and Demo Team, we create opportunities for students to challenge themselves and become the leaders not only in class, but outside our dojang door.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team assists students in class. They lead by example and mentor younger students and their peers. At Majest Martial Arts, we not only develop are skills in "kicking and punching," we create a learning environment where our students develop the necessary skills to shape themselves, families, community. Our mission is to provide our students with the tools necessary to become successful in the sport and life.  

Students who participate in the Leadership Team must be 10 years old or higher and must have earned a blue belt level in TaeKwonDo or higher.

Adults are encouraged to participate to share their personal and professional experience with the younger students. Through role play, physical training, academic research, and group discussions, Team Leaders develop the skills to become leaders in our community.  

Benefits of Team Leaders:
  • Develop positive leadership skills
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Develop teaching techniques
  • Advanced training in Taekwondo
  • Acknowledgement for college recommendations letters

Working together to promote team spirit and leadership skills.

Master Ha leads the team for cardio fitness and endurance training.